The gaming industry is among the newest industry in history. Gaming began after the 1940s when the first programmable computer was invented. Dr. Edward Condon unveiled the first known gaming machine at the New York World’s Fair in 1940. The computer was programmed, based on the classical mathematical game of Nim.

This gaming machine attracted about 50,000 people in the first six months since it’s unveiling. Even though people liked this gaming system, the computer won 90% of the games and individuals won only 10% of the games played.

Later in 1967, the first game system designed for commercial and home use was released by Ralph Baer and named the Brown Box. The Brown Box had an option of only two players and was programmed to play a variety of games including the famous Ping Pong and some basic racing games.

After the Brown Box, the gaming industry rapidly developed with companies like Sega and Taito winning public opinions and controlling the gaming industry from the1970s up to 1980s. In the 1990s however, a new type of gaming system overtook Sega and Taito. Nintendo became the talk of the town. After Nintendo, more digitalized gaming system has been manufactured by the Playing station series, X-box, to the gaming system in your mobile device.

Nowadays we have everything from hugely popular games such as Call of Duty and more recently Disney frozen games. Games are now being developed after movies suchg as you will see when watching finding dory full online, you will kjnow that there is a game that is set to be made after that movie.,



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