Best Android Puzzle Games in 2016

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With many of the more popular android games now being cracked far too often, it is always a good idea to look for other games that you can play. If you are tired of people using a clash of clans hack 2016, you should take a look at the two following games to play.

Wire Defuser

Numerous riddle diversions on Android are of the helpful assortment; take as much time as is needed unraveling a riddle while everything in amusement quietly sits tight for you. You can disregard all that in Wire Defuser, a strained, time-constrained riddle amusement in which you should discard bombs before they blow.

There are more than 80 levels in the diversion, and once you’ve vanquished it you can open an in-your-face mode. It’s very much introduced as well, with the bomb dials and handles looking like something straight out of 80s activity motion pictures.


Riddle amusements that seem as though they have a place on stylish configuration sites have been really typical since the awesome Monument Valley, and ZigZag is the most recent to bounce on the temporary fad.

Regardless of its looks, ZigZag is all the more a reflex-based diversion than a puzzler; you control a ball along dainty crisscrossing ways and need to time your taps right to stop it tumbling off the edge. It’s a basic, extraordinary searching amusement for those fast settle sessions.


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