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The timer on the League of Legends website on the patch date that will signal the start of the seventh season reads 00 days meaning summoners are queuing up to start their placement matches, reset their ranks and level up their player account so as to be eligible for rewards at the end of the season. With Riot cutting the preseason period by half, players only have a month to practice new compositions and strategies for the new patch; patch 6.24 and adjust to the changes implemented by the game developer in this new season. This will make League of Legends MOBA gaming that much more challenging, raising the stakes for doing well on the placement matches and imperative for players to get reacquainted with the game play in order to do well this season.

The game is a 3D third person game pitting teams of 5 players against each other in matches that last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, with each team trying to breach the opponent’s base and destroy their nexus. The game has 3 game modes with the major one being the Summoner’s Rift whose terrain consists of three lanes: Top, Mid and Bot and a jungle in between with the bases situated on the top right and bottom left corners. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s nexus which is located at the heart of the base and protected by hostile turrets that punish any opposing teams that come too close, the opponent’s champions and minions that spawn quite regularly and match down the lanes attacking the enemy team’s minions and even champions. Additionally, the champions begin each match at character level 1, leveling up by gaining experience during the match. The champion experience gained in a match, items bought and gold earned are all specific to each match and can’t be carried over to the succeeding matches, so summoners start on virtually equal footing with their opposing team.

Game play in the Summoner’s Rift includes more than just defending your own nexus while trying to destroy your opponents but your turrets and inhibitor as well and gaining rewards sometimes violently by killing some neutral enemies such as Jungle monsters commonly known as junglers, Elder Dragon/ Elemental drakes, Rift Heralds and Baron Nashor. These neutral enemies generally won’t attack champions passing by but champions can fight and kill them to earn rewards including gold and buffs. The other game modes differ slightly in that Twisted Treeline is conceptually smaller, pitting teams of 3 against each other while the Howling Abyss is generally used for ARAM matches (All Random All Mid), pitting teams of five against each other on a single narrow lane with an Inhibitor and Turrets without the jungle area. This means that teams can’t hide and engage in skirmishes but rather have large fights in the lane.

League of Legends MOBA gaming is very dynamic with rotating game modes, rotating champions with the option of getting permanent access to a favorite champion through real-world money or in-game purchasing and rewards at the end of the season depending on your ranking.

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