PostHeaderIcon Protect Your Business By Installing A CCTV System

One of the best ways you can increase security at your business is by installing a closed circuit television (CCTV) system. A CCTV system allows you to monitor your business remotely, 24/7. It is also a great way to deter thieves and shoplifting in your business. Plus once you make the upfront investment, it is very easy to maintain a CCTV system.

A CCTV system is composed of a series of cameras. You can work with a CCTV system installer to determine the best location for installing cameras in your business. New internet protocol (IP) CCTV systems have high image resolutions. You can even purchase an HD IP CCTV system. The images produced on new IP CCTV systems are crystal clear and will allow you to easily view what is happening at your business. You will be able to easily identify people’s faces and actions with an IP CCTV system.

Another advantage to an IP CCTV system is you can access the video feed from anywhere. With older systems, you have to have a closed circuit television system set up on site to view videos. Now, you can view live video feed from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You do not have to be on site to monitor your video feeds.

Having video cameras up also deters robbers and shoplifting. When people are looking to commit a crime, they do not want to get caught. They are looking to steal from stores that do not have security measures in place. If you have security cameras in visible locations in your businesses, people will not want to steal from your business. After you install a CCTV system, you should see a decrease in shoplifting and theft in your store.

It now costs the same to install an old analogy CCTV system or a new IP CCTV system that you can monitor from any location. Installing a CCTV system requires an upfront investment in the system. Once your system is installed, it is easy to maintain and does not require continuous financial investment.

Look for a CCTV Bristol installer who will offer you a free installation quote. The best installers will also offer a comprehensive one-year maintenance and warranty agreement. Install IP CCTV systems and increase the safety and security of your business.

PostHeaderIcon The Common Risks Your Home Faces

Not to frighten you, but it is a dangerous world out there. Keeping yourself and your family safe can often seem like a full time job. Sadly, homes are not always a refuge away from risk. Here are the typical concerns for the average American home and what they could cost you if you are not prepared.


Many people believe that fire is the most common threat their home can face. However, the reality is fires are statistically the least likely hazard Americans face. The problem is, when it does occur it is a dangerous and costly circumstance. The average insurance claim for fire is just over $24,000. This does not include the potential for the loss of life and the emotional devastation it can cause.

Storm Damage

Hurricanes and tornadoes can cause havoc wherever they appear, but it is just a likely that a storm-damaged home was not caused by either one. More common are the storms which arrive frequently and can hit anywhere. Thunderstorms, with wind, hail and heavy rains can be as damaging as a hurricane. Winter storms which can include sleet, heavy icing and strong winds are equally destructive. These issues can result in extreme damage, with the average claim running approximately $7,000.


Robbery claims average just $2,500 each. The amount is low, but that is not because it is a small issue. Instead it is because many homeowners do not carry enough insurance to cover all their losses. The saddest part? Experts believe 90 percent of these incidents are preventable.

Liability Lawsuits

When someone is injured on personal property they often file a lawsuit. The average liability claim is over $10,000 at this time. Some of these suits are justified but in many instances people scam the system. They take advantage of an insurance industry which often settles to avoid court. This always costs the homeowner in the form of higher premiums or a cancelled policy.

You can dramatically lower your risks by investing in a security system. A look at the protect america security reviews proves that these systems protect against more than theft. They utilize technology to provide early warnings of fires in the home, enable remote control of appliances and warn about open doors and water leaks. Security cameras prevent liability fraud and alerts homeowners to intruders on the property. You can lower risks and save money the moment they are installed.

PostHeaderIcon If you Love your Electronics, Get a Charger you can Trust

In today’s world, most people use their electronics every day. They either own a cell phone that they need regularly or they use a tablet on a daily basis. These electronic devices are great for surfing the web, staying in contact with family and friends, or even for scrolling through Facebook. The only downside to most electronics is that the battery life never seems to be long enough. If you want to be sure your battery life will last, get a portable external charger. An external charger can charge your phone anywhere, and you don’t even need an outlet.

Most people own a portable phone charger that they can plug into a wall or cigar lighter, but if they don’t have a port to plug into they are out of luck. Most the time, a phone or tablet will power down at the most inopportune time. The best way to know your electronics will work anywhere is to have a charger with its own battery life. The right portable charger can recharge your cell phone about six times and it can charge your tablet at least twice, without needing to be plugged in.

If you want to find the perfect gift for a loved one or friend, they would most likely love a portable external charger. A complete gift set comes with a wall charging port, a usb port and the charging box. A portable external charging port is compact, so you can take it anywhere and it has an indicator light to let you aware of how much power you have left. Some of them even come with a flashlight, so you can charge your phone or other device in the dark. If you want your electronics to be fully charged, no matter where you are, get the perfect external charger.

Many people today can’t go one day without using their cell phones. Even if they don’t use them for fun, they often use them for work. Just about every adult has a cell phone on them most of the time. When you love and need your electronics, you want them to be at your disposal whenever you want them. With your own portable external charger, your electronics will always be charged and ready to go.